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Our products are designed to make you think a certain way way when you are medicating or wearing our apparel to improve yourself in a positive way. Improving your life for the better. Cannabis isn't what everyone thinks it is. It can enhance lives.

Wonderful website right here. It provides great information about the main active chemical in marijuana, THC. I do agree that sativa gets you in the “lets do something” mood, and allows you to see from different point of views in a situation. As well as bringing out motivation and creativity in a person. Where as indica will give you that “stoney” feeling and the body high will put you on the couch or bed but you will feel relaxed as you said in the article. Hybrids also give me that “stoney” effect as well and its felt both in the head and body.


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What a great subject! I really enjoyed reading your article.
I knew what is Marijuana but I didn’t know all these important details. I know some people who consume Marijuana and I am pretty sure they will be very glad to read this blog. I have bookmarked your website so I can read more articles later on.

Thank you for this informative post!


I am an older generation dude, and back in the days of flower power and free love and etc. marijuana was often a central theme of activities. It was illegal back then, so the risk was high…

Nowadays, it seems that rationality and sanity is slowly overcoming the fear tactics and laws that have hurt so many people over the years, often destroying futures, and also the laws have been unfairly enforced,, preying more on the blacks or brown peoples…

It is good to have a site such as this that explains in great detail just what this drug really is and does, and looks at it from an objective point of view, rather than from the slanted perspective that has predominated. Thanks and have bookmarked the site!