About T.W.W.

Hello fellow weed lovers, My name is S-Jay. I grew up in the great state of Colorful Colorado. I hope you all know that smoking weed in Colorado is legal if you are over 21, or if you use it medically.

I enjoy smoking cannabis. I think weed is something that improves my life dramatically. It improves my mood, my happiness, and helps with the arthritis in my knees. I have come to love weed and everything about it. I think as time moves forward, a new love for cannabis will arise and remain on top.

I wanted to create this unique website, which I did in December 2015. I hope at The Weed World you will be able to find the answers to your questions, and find great products.

Cannabis has a very large community of supporters. I want to bring them all together where they can access all the tips and tricks to smoking weed, stashing weed, best ways of smoking it, as well as finding top-of-the-line products and media.

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If you have any stories, photos or videos, tips and tricks, or ideas please email them to me at contactus@theweedworld.com



Founder of Weed World