Marijuana How To


  • This is a common way to consume cannabis, all you will need is cannabis and rolling papers

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  • The next step up from a joint, it provides the user with the THC effects but also a buzz due to cigar wraps. When hitting a blunt it can pack a harsh hit. It holds more cannabis and also has tobacco that is inhaled as well.

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  • Pipes are the most convenient way to smoke cannabis, a lightweight piece that is usually crafted glass that keeps the smoking process simple.



  • The bong is one of the most known item in the cannabis community, it comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be very efficient. Bongs force the smoke to go through water which makes the hits smoother.


  • A bubbler is basically a pipe and bong combined, it keeps the hits nice and smooth like a bong but is small and portable like a pipe.


  • Without creating any smoke a vaporizer heats up the cannabis until the THC and CBD is active. This is the best way to inhale cannabis, it is less harsh on the lungs.


  • Also known as wax, dabs are a very potent form of cannabis which require a certain type of bong referred to as a "rig". The nail that takes the place of a bowl on the rig must be heated by a heat source much more hot then a regular lighter so the dab can be taken by touching it to the red-hot nail.


  • Cannabis edibles can take a long time to hit but it provides a delicious THC infused treat.

Tincture and Spray: 

  • Tinctures are extracts of the cannabis plant. They are very potent. You simply drop some under the tongue, effects will be felt just as quick as smoking cannabis. Sprays are closely related to tinctures. Both are very discreet, effective, and convenient.


  • Like most medicine marijuana can also be taken through the form of a capsule. Capsules are much more potent and concentrated so be careful before pursuing this type of method.